Motorcycle Insurance

Protection for the open road.

Some people would say that there is no greater feeling than getting on your bike, hitting the open road and feeling the wind on your face. If you are one of those people, we want to help ensure that your bike/motorbike is protected so you have many more of those rides. 

We offer a variety of motorcycle insurance options including:

• Stand alone
Combined with your home and auto insurance

By combining your motorbike coverage with your home and auto insurance, you will be eligible for significant savings. Additional savings are also available for experienced riders and new riders who have taken an approved rider training course.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance / Coverages

We provide coverage for a wide range of bikes, motorbikes, and motorcycles including:

• Standard bikes
• Custom-built bikes
• Touring bikes
• Harley Davidsons
• Sport bikes
• And more

Bike insurance options depend on your particular motorbike, your usage, and many other factors including accident benefits, liability, and perils.

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