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Jeffery & Spence Insurance Brokers is a full-service insurance company in Guelph with an expert team that offers personal and reliable service. A family business since 1927, we were founded with the goal of providing industry-leading, professional insurance services in a friendly and personal manner.

For nearly a century, we have provided Ontarians with protection and peace of mind by offering superior personal and business insurance policies. We are focused on you, your lifestyle, and your unique needs.

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Jeffery & Spence is a full-service insurance brokerage with an expert team that offers personal and reliable service. Since 1927 we have provided Ontarians with protection and peace of mind by providing superior personal and business insurance policies. We work with homeowners and business owners across Ontario, including Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Milton, Oakville, and Burlington.

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Is it better to go with an insurance broker or insurance company?

Choosing an insurance broker allows you to get the best deal for your coverage. Insurance brokers, such as Jeffery & Spence, offer personalized service and can compare policies from multiple providers to find one that best suits your unique needs. This contrasts with a direct insurance company, which can only offer its own products.

What are the disadvantages of insurance brokers?

One potential disadvantage of using an insurance broker is that they may not have access to all insurance companies, so you might not see every available option in the market. An advantage of using a broker is that they handle the legwork when comparing policy options for you and negotiating with insurers. They can also get you better rates due to multiple relationships with insurers and the ability to negotiate a better rate than an individual would.

Additionally, some clients prefer to deal directly with the insurance provider for a more direct line of communication. However, having a broker means a professional and knowledgeable insurance expert who handles communication with insurance companies on your behalf and advocates for your needs to mitigate risks and tailor your coverage to your needs. At Jeffery & Spence, we value our client relationships deeply, ensuring you know and trust your broker to advocate on your behalf. Our team provides industry-leading customer service; we promptly answer or return your calls or emails, ensuring you always deal with a person, not a machine.

Do insurance brokers charge a fee?

Generally, insurance brokers like Jeffery & Spence do not charge a direct fee to their clients. Instead, they receive a commission from the insurance company with whom they place your insurance. This cost is typically included in your premium and does not add extra charges to your policy.

Do insurance brokers deal with claims?

Yes, insurance brokers often assist with claims. At Jeffery & Spence, our brokers can help you through the claims process, offering guidance and support to ensure your claim is handled efficiently and effectively. Visit our page for information on when and how to file an insurance claim with our team.

Who pays an insurance broker?

Insurance brokers are typically paid by the insurance companies they represent in commissions based on the policies they sell. There is no direct charge to the client for the broker’s services.

What do insurance brokers provide?

Insurance brokers provide a range of services, including personal consultation to assess your insurance needs, comparison of quotes and coverage options from various insurers, assistance with paperwork and policy setup, and ongoing support, including help with claims and adjustments to your coverage as your needs change. Jeffery & Spence, for example, prides itself on offering expert, personalized service that addresses each client’s specific needs.


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