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You deserve affordable auto insurance that protects you if you are injured, covers your car if it is damaged, and protects other people and property in the event of an accident.

Our insurance brokers can connect you with affordable plans. No matter which type of auto insurance you need, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable with sufficient coverage.

We will review your unique situation, compare different coverage options, and help you find the appropriate car insurance, so you can cover everything from replacement vehicles to repairs after vandalism.

You can rely on our experience in the industry to find the ideal insurance that protects your vehicles and your family.

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“So over the moon happy with these guys. I was a first-timer today, extremely nervous about taking another step toward “adulting” by getting my own auto insurance. And when I say nervous, I mean NERVOUS. Dave was MORE than helpful. His personality put me at ease, and the way he explained things made me go from feeling anxious to comfortable. Dave did more than help me get my own insurance. Dave made me feel like it was just a normal conversation between people. Whereas other conversations have gone with other companies, I felt like a stupid kid in their 20s that didn’t know what they were doing. It’s comforting to know that now, in the future, when I need home insurance, etc. I know who to call. Thanks a million, Dave.”

— J. Indoe

“The Jeffery & Spence team is wonderful. They have insured my assets for over 4 years. When I switched over from my old provider they made it easy. They were honest and reliable. I started simply with a call out for car insurance. They were able to take a look at 5+ companies and make sure I had the proper coverage at a great price. (They beat my old provider by $300). Slowly and surely as other asset insurance policies were coming to an end (home, business, additional vehicles) it only made sense to call over and get a quote. Additionally, there is customer service like no other. I call in frequently for updates and questions and whether it’s the front desk or managers I have never felt like I was asking a stupid question. Jeffery & Spence is awesome and you owe it to yourself to just give them a call.”

— C. Pavao

“Jason was great to work with – very prompt, communicative, and helpful. I managed to find the best deal for my auto insurance thanks to his help. I had initially tried calling another broker but they didn’t pick up so I called this company and am glad I did. Highly recommend!”

— E. Nip

Coverage Options for Car Insurance

For Ontario drivers, standard Ontario accident benefits are mandatory but additional accident benefits are available. If you are looking for car insurance in Guelph, there are a number of options available. Our brokers will compare quotes and help you find the right type of auto insurance for each vehicle you own.

Selected coverage options include:

Liability Coverage

Required by law

This coverage protects you and your family in the event of a car accident. It also covers damages to another person if an accident is your fault.

Accident Benefits

Required by law

These cover medical needs, and more, if you are injured or killed in a car accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Driver Protection

Required by law

Protects you and your family if you are injured or killed by an uninsured or unidentified driver.

Collision Protection


Pays to fix damages to your vehicle after an accident. It is recommended coverage if your vehicle would be expensive to replace or is relatively new.

Comprehensive Coverage


Protects damages to your vehicle from problems beyond car accidents, such as theft and vandalism.

Accident Forgiveness & Minor Conviction Protection


Prevents insurance rates from increasing after the first incident of a minor conviction like getting a speeding ticket, or the first accident for which you were at-fault.

Supplemental Auto Insurance Coverage

Many insurance companies offer additional coverage, including roadside assistance, accident forgiveness, and conviction protection. Our team will be happy to review additional coverage options with you.

Save Money, Save Worry

When you call or visit us, you won’t speak with a recorded message. We aim to always offer advice and service in a friendly, personal manner. When you work with our brokers, you’ll have nearly a century of experience behind you.

Our experts will work to save you money by locating discounted coverage options when you combine your car insurance plan with your home or tenant’s policy. Other insurance discounts can be based on the make, model, and year of your vehicle, how you use your car, how many drivers you’re insuring, and your driving history.

Contact the auto insurance experts at Jeffery & Spence today to discuss your coverage options.

Protect Yourself From Problems Before They Happen

While it may be impossible to guarantee the safety of your car, it’s easier than ever to ensure that you’re covered for anything that may happen to it or you. Accidents happen, and our team is here to minimize their impact on your life as much as possible.

Problem: You are injured in an accident and find that you will need to miss work throughout your recovery, reducing your source of income.

Protection: If you have accident benefits, you can be covered for income replacement, as well as many other fees like rehabilitation and housekeeping.

Problem: Your new car, which took a long time to save up for, got damaged in an accident where you were at fault. You worry about being able to afford the repairs.

Protection: Collision protection covers repairs to your car, even if you made a mistake on the road.

Problem: Your car window is shattered following a break-in. You require costly repairs but worry about paying out-of-pocket as the damage wasn’t caused by an accident.

Protection: Comprehensive coverage covers damage to your vehicle that occurs outside of an accident.

Additional Auto Insurance Coverages

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Auto Insurance FAQs

Can anyone drive my vehicle?

As an owner of a vehicle, you can let anyone with a valid driver’s license operate your vehicle.  However, if they are involved in an accident, it is your responsibility should a claim occur and it will be your insurance policy and insurance history record that will be affected. If this driver lives in the same household, or is a regular or frequent driver, they should be added to your policy.

Does a red car make my auto insurance more expensive?

No, the colour of the vehicle has no impact on the premium.

What does no fault insurance mean?

No fault insurance means that, regardless of whose fault an accident is, it is the driver’s own insurance company that responds to the claim. In the event of injuries that require medical rehabilitation and other expenses, coverage would be available under the injured person’s own insurance policy. The person who is at-fault may see a rate increase due to the fault being assigned to them.

How does an at-fault accident affect my rates?

Depending on how many years you have been licensed, one at-fault accident could significantly impact your auto insurance rates. The premium increases can compound if you incur any highway traffic violations. Depending on driver qualification, there may be options for purchasing an accident forgiveness extension or a minor conviction protector.

My car is a year older. Why have my rates have gone up?

In general terms, only a portion of the insurance premium you pay has to do with the actual vehicle value. The other premiums relate to liability, accident benefits, and any coverages you choose, such as optional accident benefits, rental car coverage, and accident forgiveness.

Increases in cost of claims related to such things as legal expenses, medical and rehabilitation of injured person, and fraud, along with the increases in expenses of repairs to vehicles are having a dramatic impact in the overall cost of claims. These costs will have a definitive impact on your rates.

Am I covered for natural disasters?

Some natural disasters are covered under a standard home insurance policy. For example, wind damage caused by a tornado or a hurricane is covered automatically, while earthquake and flood require specific coverages to be added to your policy.

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