Guelph Insurance Claims

Do you need to file an insurance claim?

The team at Jeffery & Spence is here to make your claims process as smooth as possible. As your insurance broker, we will be there for you every step of the way, acting as advisers and advocating on your behalf to ensure that your claims process is handled appropriately.

During normal business hours:

Contact Jeffery & Spence at (519) 822-0511

Outside normal business hours:

Contact your insurance provider via the chart below

After an Auto Accident

  1. In the event of a traffic incident, the first step is to make sure that no one is injured. If there are injuries, call 911 immediately to get an ambulance.​
  2. If it’s safe and the vehicles are drivable, move the vehicles off the road to the shoulder or a nearby parking lot.
  3. When speaking with the other party, it’s important that you never admit fault or liability.
  4. Exchange the following information:​

• Name and phone number of driver/owner of vehicle (if different).
• Year, make, and model of vehicle.
• Insurance company.
• Policy number.

If the combined damages of the vehicles is under $2000 and the vehicles are drivable, police do not need to be called and you can report the accident to the nearest collision reporting centre.

If the damages exceed $2,000, or you suspect the other driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol, call the police and ask them to report to the scene of the accident.

After you call your insurance company to report the accident, you will be assigned a Claims Adjuster who will look after the claim from start to finish. Rest assured, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Home Insurance Claim

A home insurance claim payout, and all of what is covered, will depend on the home insurance policy you’ve purchased.

If you have a home insurance claim we suggest following these steps to ensure the best claims experience:

  1. Contact Jeffery & Spence Insurance. If it’s outside normal business hours, we have 24-hour claims numbers for all of our insurance companies listed below.
  2. Determine the cause of loss and take pictures to document the damages.
  3. Stop further loss and contact a preferred restoration company to limit the damage.

Insurance Company Claim Numbers & Links

Company Phone Number
Aviva (866) 692-8482
B.I. & I. (888) 988-0089
Chieftain/Dominion (800) 661-5522
Echelon (866) 931-0570
Frank Cowan (866) 287-4971
Gore Mutual (800) 265-8600
The Guarantee (888) 998-1872
Windshield Claims (800) 265-4262
Hagerty (888) 348-9369
Halwell Mutual (877) 313-2585
Intact (866) 464-2424
Jevco (866) 864-1112
Premier (800) 235-8784
RSA (800) 319-9993
South Western (866) 794-5463
Totten (877) 896-0015
Western Assurance (800) 387-2934
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