Motorhome Insurance

Protecting you on your journey.

Motorhome and Travel Trailer insurance provides you with valuable protection and peace of mind while travelling or camping.

Coverage options vary and can include protection of the vehicle or trailer and the contents that are carried within. There are different considerations depending on your type of vehicle and usage.

Enhanced Motorhome Coverages

Selected motorhome policies can also provide you with additional protection that would not be covered under the standard automobile insurance. Additional options can include emergency vacation expenses and theft of contents from within the motorhome.

We recommend insuring your motorhome on a specialized motorhome policy, as opposed to a regular auto policy, so you can take advantage of these enhanced coverage options.

We insure all types of motorhomes and travel trailers including:

• Motorhomes
Travel Trailers
5th Wheel Trailers
Park Model Trailers
Mobile Homes
And more

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